Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Chidambaram chides

It is common that leaders out of power are often criticise the policies of the government. During his regime as home minister Chidambaram could not do justice to the post and was shifted to Finance Ministry. But the trend continued there also as many scams were witnessed during Congress reign as BJP was voted to power. Now he is trying to wash dirty linen in public to talk about demonetisation and called it as the biggest scam of the year. As long as Prime Minister Narendra Modi do not have intention to cheat people we believe and support the move as a game changer and are ready wait and watch the developments as per the stipulated time. Having seen bigger scam during UPA government people are ready to wait and watch before making unwanted comments. Chidambaram failed as a finance minister but now trying hard to make his presence felt after being picked as a MP from Rajya Sabha. He forgot about the scams occurred during his period and is making comments against the government.

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