Thursday, August 5, 2021
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China escalates tension

The tension in the India-China border is mounting as both the countries have accumulated forces across the border and that is a dangerous signal for war.  The ill-fated relationship between the two countries after the Sikkim meet and China escalates tension by terming India’s action as betrayal. China still lays a claim over 90000 sq km of Arunachal Pradesh land and calling it as South Tibet. So both the nations have been engaged in a standoff in Doka La area near Bhutan tri-junction for almost two weeks now and the tension still persists in the border area.  Thus the verbal spat between the two countries escalated as Beijing reported that the Indian Army’s action to stop Chinese troops from constructing a road in an area near Sikkim is a betrayal of the stance taken by successive Indian Governments and India must withdraw forces from this region. Both the sides are acting tough and China bringing back British treaty to press their points and now the relationship is stained between both countries. Better council should prevail and the fear of war should not follow and a congenial atmosphere should be brought back sooner to stop any eventuality of enmity between the two countries.

Nickhil Mani

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