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Chris Hemsworth singed his eyebrows while filming ’12 Strong’

Actor Chris Hemsworth has said that one of his eyebrows is shorter than the other after they got “singed” during the making of the film “12 Strong”.

The actor recently starred in the Nicolai Fuglsig- directed film, which is based on Doug Stanton’s non-fiction book “Horse Soldiers”.

“You could feel the heat (from the pyrotechnics) on your neck,” Hemsworth said, according to Femalefirst.

“I think a few hairs got singed.

One of my eyebrows is slightly shorter than the other,” he added.

The “Thor: Ragnarok” star also said it was difficult to film stunts with horses as they had no idea how the animals would react to explosions.

“Nicolai wanted this to be as real as possible. But how much can you ever prepare an animal for an explosion?” Hemsworth said.

“We were all prepared, with our earplugs and all that, but we’re on these horses, some of whom were surprisingly chilled, but some were definitely unnerved and freaked out,” he added.

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