Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Citizen participation in national development

Our country will develop surely but with continued and regular training on job skills. We should be honest that we never tried to impart skills, employable skills, to our youth in schools and colleges therefore Indian is lagging behind other nations in technology. Lucknow is witnessing power shortage on a recurring basis. On Sunday 14th June there was no power supply in the city for the entire night. This situation only goes to show that India is grappling with power crisis even today.

Yesterday, I had read a newspaper report which mentioned that there is lack of welding instructors at ITI. There is shortage of electricians too. We must seek the assistance of foreign trainer to overcome this issue so that the boys and girls can become proficient in various trades. Our government must take urgent steps in this matter. We must not be ashamed to seek foreign assistance for the purpose of learning.

Water shortage is staring us in the face and we must be prepared to save, recycle, conserve water. Electric power generation, distribution and maintenance must assume top priority. Why there is a delay in the beginning of Jaitapur nuclear power plant in Konkan? There is risk involved in every task but that does not mean we should stop development. Mitigate the risk intelligently.

“Rahiman paani rakhiye, bin pani saab soon, pani gaye na ubhre moti manas choon”. Here it is to be realized that we are also talking of “ aankhon ka paani”, compassion, shame, feel of guilt but as we see today , people are guilty and yet continuing to twist and turn matters endlessly. “Sharm naam ki aab koi cheez bachi hi nahin hai”. I have been talking of citizen development ( vyakti ka vikas) without which all development is meaningless. These days, I find that the girls are much more sensitive, cultured, educated and capable. They are performing the domestic work efficiently and are exceling in the professional front too.

Lot of controversy has been generated about the International Yoga Day. Yoga is a vast subject. A few bending and stretching exercises with some breathing of fresh air in the lungs should be sufficient as you don’t have to become a Yoga expert. It is sickening to listen obnoxious debate in this regard. We have lowered ourselves by talking in terms of “ bu and badbu” prompting Azam Khan to say, “Hume yog se badbu nahin aati, yogi se aati hai”, why descend to this level, learn skills and work sincerely. Yoga had existed in the past and it will continue in the future too.

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