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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Claire Foy initially feared ‘The Crown’ would not be successful

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British actress Claire Foy AVBritish actress Claire Foy, who cemented her place as one of the most talented people working on the small screen with her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’ hit series ‘The Crown’, has admitted that she initially had doubts over the series success.

According to Contactmusic, the actress revealed that she and the rest of the show’s cast were taken aback when it proved to be so popular.

In an interview with a leading UK publication, Foy said, “The first series was some sort of wonderful experiment; none of us knew if it would be a success, none of us knew if people would take these characters, which are incredibly posh and privileged, to their hearts. There was a huge risk involved.”

Adding, “We all felt that The Audience [play] and The Queen [movie] had gone so well and we thought suddenly our one would be the one that brought the house down and was terrible.”

The star also shared that it was so lovely to see such an amazing reaction for the series.

“When it came out it was lovely to be involved in something people really enjoyed. Whether it was a critical success or not the audiences really loved it. It was weird and we were all a bit like ‘wow’. It was a surprise – we didn’t know why it had gone down so well,” noted Foy.

Foy returns as the British monarch in its second season on December 8, alongside Matt Smith as Prince Philip.

However, for its third season, she will be replaced by English actress Olivia Colman, to reflect that the version of the Queen they need to portray will be older – something that Foy has said she “can’t wait to watch”.

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