Monday, June 21, 2021
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Collaboration of a wrong perception!

The National Conference leader Farokh Abdulla’s statement about PoK was corroborated by the actor Rishi Kapoor. There is no dearth of persons debating uselessly on the social media. Such people can debate on any subject. They do not have any concern about either the nation or society, this is shown from the way they project and express their opinions. Abdulla’s opinions about Kashmir have always been controversial. Terrorists from across the border have been bloodletting in India; and separatist leaders have been arrested for having benami property. Abdulla has not opined on this till date. By not talking about what needs to be spoken and opining on every other subject will not change the truth. What is the Kashmir contribution of the actor Rishi Kapoor? He should have first studied the history of Kashmir and POK and then opined or corroborated. The soldiers are our true actors and leaders. Who have prevented Pakistan from snatching away Kashmir. It is correct and appropriate to speak in favour of the country we live in. it is important to pep up the morale of the soldiers and destroy the strength of the enemy that should be our activity.

Jayesh Rane

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