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Commercialisation of spirituality

Everybody loves money and saints too are fond of it. Look at the emotions displayed on television in favour of Sai Baba. Sai Baba hamara sabkuch hai, hamara bhagwan hai.” But why you don’t consider your own mother and father as your “bhagwan”. Why don’t you consider your teacher or doctor as your role model? In one of my earlier article, I had suggested to Nitin Gadkari that if he wants to set up a desalination plant in Mumbai then he must seek financial assistance from “Sai Baba Trust” and the BCCI. Try indulging in this activity and you will notice the true colours of these “ bhagwans”.

Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti must concentrate on her work and should refrain from politicizing this issue. Sankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati has asked Uma to stop interfering in religious matters. He also added that she has been voted to serve the people. It is surprising that social activist Anna Hazare is yet to pass any comment on this subject. Till yesterday he was saying that “Guru gud reh gaya aur chela shakkar ban gaya.” Hazare must now devote his time to water conservation programmes in villages of Maharashtra and shun politics.

The opposition in India has been destroyed by the Congress, not as much by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, but by their sycophants. They are still not saying, make Kamal Nath or Jyotiraditya as the leading face of the Congress in the Parliament, thereby destroying the importance of opposition. It’s the right time for Rahul to join Navy for a year to learn discipline, leadership and responsibility and later return to front benches in the Lok Sabha ( He can avail a leave from the speaker).

Returning back to our “ bhagwans” most of us may not know that almost all our “ tantriks” have been and are the sex maniacs, they secretly worship the “ yoni”. It’s a good practice but what is obnoxious is that they then exploit people by deriving powers from the said worship instead of enjoying the purity of the sight. Japanese are pure in this matter. If you visit a strip joint there, you will find elderly persons (we, outsiders feel shy but they don’t) having a big handkerchief in their hands. They vigorously rub it on the edge of the table to attract the performer and enjoy the sight like a child, never ever misbehaving or touching or acting inappropriately. Thus charged, they return to work the next day and excel in it.

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