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Condolences to all who loved Sridevi

She is an actress and known to be a star of film industry, her fans are shocked but there is nothing more sad and heartbreaking in the world than losing a mother. Your support system, your shoulder to cry on and your inspiration and encouragement in every step of life goes away all at one go. Boney Kapoor’s children lost their mother once again and this time it’s Sridevi. His first wife,

Mona Kapoor lost her life to cancer. Even though Arjun and Anshula Kapoor have moved on, they do miss the shadow of a mother figure in their lives. Veteran Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away suffering a cardiac arrest. She was 54; her two daughters are still young just like Arun and Anshula once.

The film industry is full of stories of broken marriages, second wives, and relationship outside marriages. The rate of marriage failure is very high; almost all big names have either left their wives, or had an affair at some point of their career or are in long term relationships. Wives are left everyday and new wives appear in the photographs hugging lovingly to the arms of their husbands.  Nobody thinks about those women that are left behind, women who cared, stood by the side of their partners when they were struggling, women who took care of the household, looked after the children, maybe there were not beautiful or glamorous, but is glamour or a beautiful face and shapely body everything in life?

Boney Kapoor, a successful director and a producer, divorced his first wife to marry Sridevi. Boney’s former wife Mona died with immense trauma. Sridevi married Boney who was previously married to Mona and with whom she had two kids. Boney left Mona Kapoor for Sridevi. Mona continued to live with her in-laws for 10 years after Boney got married to Sridevi. Sridevi was pregnant with her first daughter even before her marriage to Boney Kapoor. Young Anshula, who stood by her brother when their mother died and father left them alone to their fate! Imagine a child who has been through a life where the father couldn’t be physically around all the time after the age of 5. And the mother who was there physically all the time and then after 20 years, she wasn’t there. Imagine the psychological scarring of that child. Now, it’s equally painful for Jhanvi and Khushi, but their luck is that the father is with them.

Boney Kapoor, a man with two children and apparently happily married to a lovely woman, Mona, saw Sridevi and fell madly in love with her. Did we think that only teenagers fall madly in love that is not true; apparently middle-aged men also fall madly in love and forget everything except the object of their love? Boney Kapoor fell in love with Sridevi, a South Indian film actress who became very famous in Hindi movies as well. He then signed her for his movie Mr India, opposite his brother Anil Kapoor and became a fixture in Sridevi’s life by caring for her, advising what role to accept, following her overseas when she went to other countries for shooting. He told his wife and walked out of their 13 years of married life, leaving two traumatised children and wife behind.

Mona Kapoor was a dignified woman; she married Boney Kapoor when she was only a 19-year-old. Her parents arranged the marriage and she accepted to live with a man who was years older and connected to the notorious industry where it is very rare to find a marriage that lasted a long time. Mona settled down to humdrum existence of married life, full of dull, boring routine. She took care of the house, looked after the children and generally provided a safe haven for Boney to come home from a stressful career of film director and relax in the peaceful atmosphere of a home. However, some people crave for excitement and feel constrained by peace. Mona was a homely looking person, a housewife who is generally tuned out by an adoring public who are mesmerised by the glamour and shine surrounding film actors and actresses.  When Boney informed her of his love, Mona, withdrew from his life, giving him freedom to marry the love of his life.

Some where I read one of Mona Kapoor’s interview, where she said years later that she realised that there was nothing left in the marriage because she believed that marriages are built on respect and when respect was lost the marriage was finished. She also said that wives are always the last to know when their husbands start affairs, and it is a traumatising situation when their rivals are glamorous film actresses.

She was brave enough not to cling to a relationship that was dead and buried. She told her family that she wanted to make her own identity, different than the identity she was given by the society, that of a wife, a mother and generally a homely housewife. During this interview, which was taken years after the divorce, Mona talked about the trauma of her children, who had to face the taunts of their peers every day in their school. It must be said to her credit that she supported them through this trauma. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor eventually married, Mona never broke out relationship from her former husband’s family and Sridevi was not able to take place of an obedient and loving daughter-in-law. Boney Kapoor and Sridevi have two daughters, one of them already making her career in the film industry.

Mona Kapoor, battled with cancer and died on March 25, 2012. Many actors and actresses came to condole and the press had a field day as Boney Kapoor stood beside his handsome son to accept condolences. Now, once again Boney would be standing besides his daughters and accepting the condolences. Then and now, the actual victims are children. No doubt Sridevi was a great actress and she would be missed by the Bollywood industry.

Rest in peace dear lady!

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