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Congress should not oppose the new Juvenile bill

Juveniles aged between 16 and 18 years of age are exposed to pornography at a young age and they lack parental guidance too. Youth neither listen to their parents nor their teachers. Stringent action must be taken against them for committing rapes. The Congress and other opposition parties must not oppose the new Juvenile bill. We have failed to channelize the energy of the youth as we have not set up any training program for them.

Everybody wants to acquire degrees like BBA and MBA but nobody wants to upgrade their skills and work. On 15th August, we must take a pledge that we will impart employable skills to our youth by seeking the assistance of a foreign expert for training and later offer them placements.

Hitherto, no one has talked about training up the youth. FDI is laudable however the situation should not arise where foreigners perform the job while we relax. We must ensure that our youth work in tandem with the foreigners while learning from them. As I mentioned earlier, FDI means, I don’t know how to do it, you please come and offer training to us and then we will continue working. We kept on talking about East India Company and Britishers exploiting us but we failed to realize that most of the good work was performed by them. After independence, we did not take initiative to learn anything hence we are lagging behind. There was no organized effort to create a trained work force which should be done at the earliest. Politicians have been trying to lure voters by offering them cash, free booze, laptops, television.

The Congress is doing a great disservice to the nation by not providing a credible and positive opposition leaving the vaccum to be filled by the opportunistic AAP. At present, there is the need for a strong opposition and if this issue is not addressed then smart operators like AAP will intervene.

The BJP government is functioning well but they must remain attached to ground realities and not work to exploit religious sentiments for narrow political gains as it does not work always. The Lok Sabha victory was achieved due to the anti-incumbency factor prevailing against the Congress and good campaigning by Narendra Modi. However, you cannot expect this kind of a situation everytime. People are very selfish, and crave for instant results without doing anything. The leadership must inform masses that sustainable good days will come after performing laudable work and following good habits. And what about the rising population is anyone really bothered about it?

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