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Congress should try to revive itself

The Congress party headed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has been unable to imbibe the Indian ethos or the typical Indian street smart way of successfully fooling the already gullible public. I remember how Raj Narain trounced over Indira Gandhi by propagandizing to the women at Rae Bareilly that they will not beget children because of family planning drive. After that, no party raised this issue as it was put on the back burner.

Congress will do well to hand over the reins of the party to younger leaders who are educated, articulate and be at par with Narendra Modi when it comes to cleverness. It is necessary not to oust Modi or his party but to establish a credible opposition. Subsequently, the Congress can start connecting with the masses at grass roots level to assess their problems and try to resolve those. Look, how cleverly Union HRD minister Smriti Irani has distributed sarees to women in Amethi constituency. Ms Irani has taken this step with an eye on future polls. She is aware that saree is the most precious possession of women after jewellery. Sonia Gandhi must relax and Rahul Gandhi should learn by closely working with his young MP’s and MLA’s. Rahul should try to develop better insight and more effective ways of communication.

In the last one year, we have not heard Modi say that the best way to become happy and prosperous is by learning your work properly and working hard on it. Youngsters should not spend too much time on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is better to concentrate in building your health and achieve greater proficiency in your job. Whatever time is left after this should be spent with your children. Listening patiently to your children and fulfilling their needs is a very important family duty.

The RSS must abandon its foolish pursuit of the so called “love jihad” and temple construction and instead, focus on learning new technologies. It is disgusting to notice old people talk about “ Hinduism”, love jihad, temple construction and not bothering about finding enough coal for our power plants. They must concentrate on citizen development, their health and moral qualities. Why did you allow them to take unfair advantage at the cost of national interest? BJP must not repeat the same mistake of having an alliance with the NCP. It should order for a probe for the scams which had surfaced during the Democratic Front reign.

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