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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Congress slams BJP for “one political party in the country” over Yatra halt remark

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Rahul Gandhi,Congress,BJP,Bharat Jodo Yatra,Rajasthan,Haryana,Delhi
Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Bharat Jodo Yatra | Image: Twitter/@INCIndia

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi says, “Government is making excuses on purpose to stop Bharat Jodo Yatra”. Many congress leaders expressed that BJP is not able to see how people are supporting Rahul Gandhi’s March.

BJP, VP, Madhav Bhandari told Afternoon Voice, “Government expects Rahul Gandhi and Congress party to follow Covid protocols and they only know talk about the issue when comes to implementation their party has failed to do so in any constituency where their party was elected”.

Congress worker Brahma Bhalavi said, “BJP wants to lead the entire country as one particular party and they are not able to see the support of people given in Bharat Jodo Yatra or any other political party. This is all political strategy”.

Congress Worker Hina Kawre said, “BJP is scared of the truth and can’t see many supporters. So it should not stop the Yatra. As the government has not addressed many issues like unemployment, and inflation, and even if the government gives gas cylinders under its schemes but they don’t know it has become expensive and common people are not able to afford those cooking gas cylinders. Rahul Gandhi is smart enough to handle the Covid-19  situation and he knows how to deal with the situation”.

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