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Conscription must be enforced

I do not know why only I need to point it out, but please note that hostilities on the border will increase in the next five years in an attempt to derail development and progress. Our nation must be prepared for overcoming it. Forget about hostilities, even otherwise our youth must be strong and should be able to hold a gun in their hands and not merely a cricket bat or mobile phone. Despite ageing Akbar Badshah was willing to hold a sword, ride an elephant and face upto “ baghi son Salim”. When Raja Man Singh warns him, “Baghi ke kheme me aise tanha jana munasib nahin”, he brushes aside, “ek baap ke liye munasib hai”. Today we are talking about secularism without understanding that Akbar-e-Alam was the most secular leader long time back. He himself sent Shahzada Salim for conscription (national service) because he wanted him to be strong and responsible.

Rajnath Singh is likely to be appointed as the Home Minister. He must wear the military uniform and be present with the “ jawans” on the border, befitting a “kshatriya”. AK Anthony is a contender for the leader of opposition from Rajya Sabha. He never talked about promoting National Service while he was the Defence Minister when India’s defence preparedness only became weak. What about the several young leaders in the Congress? They must get rid off Digvijaya Singh because this man is nothing but a mere politicker and he lacks vision.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi must improve themselves and introspect about the Congress party’s defeat. Rahul must perform two year national service which should have happened long ago. I shall request the new government to formulate a law on this with some priority to enable government to draft any one (including me) for national service. This has not happened and that is why we see rickety Kejriwal, unshaven and filthy looking members of the AAP. Discipline is the first aspect, without which no race ever progresses and prospers in an amicable manner.

How can you have IAS officers who have not even contributed two years of their life for the betterment of the nation? I shall appeal to the RSS for taking up this matter because they are best positioned to do so. I extend my full co-operation sought in any manner. We also need to drastically control the population growth side by side. All efforts must begin immediately without any delay. Baba Ramdev has taken lot of efforts for promoting Ayurveda. Prominent ports must have outlets selling useful Ayurvedic, Yunani and Homeopathic remedies. When I was young, I was a patient of infentile liver and it was cured by medicines of Jammi Venkatramayya of Chennai ( then Madras). We must check on their location and encourage such therapies. “Triphala” in tablet form is the basic and the best medicine. Baba Ramdev must be anointed as “ Rajvaidya”.

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