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Constructive approach is the best

I saw a heated debate involving some Indian and Pakistani panelists on television. I could see an Indian participant displaying quite a belligerent countenance vis-à-vis Pakistan. Who does not know that Pakistan is troubling us by repeated ceasefire violations across the border? Our BSF has been giving a fitting reply but we must not indulge in a verbal war on television with such viciousness.

Going for a war will prove counterproductive for India and Pakistan as other nations will take advantage of the situation. Don’t think that you become powerful by pushing a particular button on the EVM. It is dangerously misleading and erodes patience. We must engage in talks and find solutions to improve bilateral relation with Pakistan. If trade commences, it will prove to be beneficial for both the nations.

Once we Indians were on a ship at Karachi port and we were not allowed shore leave. My wife also had accompanied me. A young officer, incharge of security on our ship, realized the hardships faced by us. He took a major personal risk by allowing us to make call to India on his personal mobile on alternate days for a limited period and without charging any money. The watchman on the gangway was a great man. He permitted me and my wife to get down the gangway and walk along the ship but by remaining within his range of sight. We used to give him dollars and he would bring food for us in the evenings.

We had very good quality and tasty food at reasonable rates. The taste and smell of the apples we ate continues to tempt us. We purchased “white dupattas” which was delicate enough to pass through a ring and some very good bed sheets, “Zafran” etc; by visiting the ship. One day we were tempted to cross the “ Laxman Rekha” by plucking a few flowers from outside a building which was the office of port security. I still recollect how watchman reprimanded us that particular day.

Anchors and participants should not aggravate the situation by having heated debate on television. Sincere and silent efforts by able leaders will help to resolve issues, normalize relations and trade between both the nations. A coastal shipping route from Karachi to Mumbai will prove to be beneficial to boost trade. We need to remain vigilant and strong (not in words alone). We should never give up on patience, sincere, silent diplomatic effort to restore ties with our neighbouring nation.

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