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Contempt of the court – degeneration of democracy

Navratri is when Bengal and its Durga Puja come to mind. This year too when Bengal was all enthused about the Durga Puja, the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee imposed a dictatorial one-sided rule taking the excuse of Muharram. This year too she did not lose the opportunity of appeasement of the minorities. To enable the minorities to have their Muharram processions, the Chief Minister banned the immersion of the Durga idols from the evening of Dussehra and through all the next Day. The Court opining on the PIL about this ban has pulled up the Bengal Government. They said the Government should have shown the same attitude to both the functions and allowed both the communities to observe their functions together. Last year too, the court had made the same observations, but the State has continued to maintain the same attitude. This act is a direct contempt of the court. Tolerant, intellectual activists will not be able to see this open contempt of the judiciary. Because, the Hindu festivals have always been the target of this dictator. The Hindus might feel a little emotional that at least the Judiciary has remembered that all religions have to be dealt with equity. But it must be said that the contempt shown to one pillar of democracy is a sign of degeneration of democracy.

Rahul Patekar

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