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Controversial legislations will create communal disharmony

We had discussed earlier that keeping bars and hotels open for the entire night is undesirable and now the High Court is asking the state government to consider the safety of women. These are basic simple things but why the senior officers and legislators are unable to take right decisions through sound judgement? I had suggested that we should keep bar open on Friday and Saturday evenings upto 2 am. Bars should not remain open entire night on Sundays because people must have adequate sleep to prepare themselves for a hectic working week ahead. Why you want to impose additional burden on the police personnel who are already overworked. Let them also go home and spend some time with their families.

Cow protection is one aspect and banning beef is a different issue. Drinking milk is beneficial for health but you cannot force everyone to consume it by passing legislation. There is no dearth of right thinking people but they cannot muster courage to speak up. The ministers from central and state governments must regularly seek advice from concerned persons possessing expertise and experience before passing any legislation. However, politicians think about making money instead of working for the welfare of the masses. For example, instead of keeping bars and hotel open entire night politicians can start a campaign to keep Mumbai clean and green.

A good balance between idealism and pragmatism is to be constantly sought for. The government also must study the practice followed by foreign countries and follow a middle path. Why does the government pass legislations which will create communal disharmony?

Mother Teresa is no more alive in the world. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat had said conversion to Christanity was the real intention behind Mother Teresa’s service to the poor. Do you notice how skillfully our stray cows pick up plastic bags from the garbage bins and empty them to look for any eatables? All of us are getting very selfish day by day. We don’t want to serve but always want to be served all the time totally free.

There has been a huge debate about the government’s decision to ban the broadcasting of Leslee Udwin’s documentary film ‘India’s Daughter’. All of us want to see the film but don’t want others to watch it. Thus hypocrisy is rampant in our country. When will the criminal justice system be strengthened? Bus driver Mukesh Singh is imprisoned in Tihar jail and also had grabbed headlines for giving interview to the documentary film maker. The NDA government had blamed the UPA government for granting permission to the filmmaker for interviewing Singh. Home Minister Rajnath Singh had clarified that terms and conditions for the shooting were violated. The government must pass stringent anti-rape laws and implement it effectively.

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