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Corruption in Indian education system

The Right to Education Act was introduced with an intention to enroll students from poor financial background and boost literacy rate. However, this act has been poorly implemented. It has been rightly said that ‘Padegha Desh toh Badhega Desh’ (If the nation studies then it will progress). However there are several hurdles which have to be overcome for providing quality education to children. Commercialisation is one of the reasons why quality of education has deteriorated.

Students believe that if they study in reputed colleges then they will receive quality education. In an attempt to get admission in the prestigious college they are willing to pay exorbitant sum as fees. Even though prestigious colleges provide quality education but the standard of education provided by lesser known institutes too are not bad. Students have to remain focused on studies.

College authorities demand exorbitant fees from students by promising them a seat in reputed colleges. A question which arises in my mind is why education is being commercialized in the name of enhancing its quality? Education system of our country is affected on account of rampant corruption. According to me, unless and until corruption is education is not eliminated it can’t be improved.

A friend of mine cleared her tenth standard examination by scoring good percentage with an aim to seek admission in colleges of her choice. Later, she filled up the form and applied for the admission. After the cut off list was displayed my friend learnt that she was not eligible for admission as she had scored lesser marks. She became disappointed and planned to return home. A man standing outside the college informed the girl that he can help her to secure admission in the institution if she is willing to pay lumpsum money for it. My friend replied that she won’t be able to secure admission in the college as none of them were available.

The man promised to provide admission to my friend in the college by saying that he possesses connection with the higher authority. He asked my friend to pay the money to officials who will grant admission to him by offering a seat in the reserved category. This incident only goes to show how education mafia has become active by indulging in rampant corruption. A per government guidelines several seats are reserved for students belonging to backward caste, economically backward class etc. Many times college officials sell these seats at exorbitant rates to students. How long will such malpractice continue? Stringent action must be taken against officials and mafia indulging in corruption.

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