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Corruption in judiciary

Justice Markandey Katju has alleged that a District Judge in Tamil Nadu was elevated to Additional Judge of Madras High Court despite charges of corruption against him. Mr Katju is trying to seek publicity again for becoming a governor.

Judiciary has its good and bad side. Many of them have been corrupt, both in the lower and higher judiciary. They are like our saints ( Narain Sain and his pop) who are considered pious, until caught. It is true that these days you cannot get anything substantial without political patronage. This situation has been prevailing for many years now. The houses in Delhi for most of our MPs are like shops. You pay money in return for some favour.

Long time back after clearing the BE exam; I was searching for a job. I finally managed to secure one in the UP electricity board. I was being posted to Pithoragarh but my father met the Chief Engineer Joshi who said people give bribes for getting a posting there but you want Lucknow posting for your son? In other case, my friend was not happy after getting a posting in UPSEB. He expressed his dissatisfaction to Genda Singh who was minister at that time.

Looking at me, Genda Singh said, “Dekhiye Singh saheb, aap santusth hain lekin inhone second class score kiya hai. Par inko fertiliser corporation chahiye”. Such incidents are occurring everytime in Delhi and state capitals. People make very unreasonable demands to politicians. Judges accept money (not all of course) through selected lawyers just like ministers who collect money on behalf of their PAs. CBI is now questioning former IAF Chief SP Tyagi of IAF but I was the first person who ab-initio pointed finger at them simply because the prefix to the name “ Julie” was very unusual indicating the character of the person. He received cash in return for favouring Anglo-Italian helicopter company AgustaWestland in the controversial Rs 3,600 crore VVIP helicopter deal as per CBI reports. The report also adds that Tyagi’s cousins received nearly 3,26,000 euros during the course of the deal and that around 20 million euros was routed to India through hawala although it is not known who got the bulk of the amount.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aware that corruption is prevalent everywhere but he is wise not to prick the beehive. People occupying top positions are more corrupt, more dangerous and debauched than their lower rung counterparts.

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