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Corruption is prevalent in our society

During the past few years, the images of our country have been defaced beyond redemption. A large number of scams and scandals, involving that of top politicians, administrators and VVIPs have come to light. These scams and scandals, most of them that have been unearthed by the Central Bureau of Investigation involve huge sums of money running into thousands of crores of rupees. They have shaken the entire conscience of the country to the bones.  In my opinion, all ministers and public servants should be made to declare their assets. The vigilance department should also keep a constant eye on the corrupt officers and other public servants. Ministers and senior officials must set a noble example of an honest living free from corruption, bribery, nepotism and immorality. The law of the land should be provided with more teeth to deal with the corrupt elements. Our entire political system has become rotten. Most of today’s problems are occurring due to corrupt politics. Unless it is cleansed, nothing would improve.

Corruption in India is a consequence of the nexus between bureaucracy, politics and criminals. Today, the number of ministers possessing a honest image can be counted on finger tips. Earlier, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done. But now, the palms of officials are greased for accomplishing tasks at the right time. Corruption is prevalent everywhere whether it is in hospitals, education or government organisations. Everything today has become a business and people are trying to earn money unethically. Very weak students are granted admission in the top colleges and universities only on the basis of money paid by their parents. On the other hand, students scoring a better percentage have to take admission in ordinary college due to financial problems. Corruption is a cancer, which every Indian must strive to eliminate. Many new leaders after getting elected declare their determination to eradicate corruption but soon they themselves become corrupt and start amassing huge wealth.

There are many myths about corruption, which have to be exploded if we really want to combat it. Some of these myths are — Corruption is a way of life and nothing can be done about it. It is an intractable problem and is like diabetes. Corruption will only end when people like you and me stand up and speak out. If we do not take the step forward to eradicate corruption from its root, then Indians won’t progress and will continue to remain an undeveloped country.

Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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