Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Damaged memory chips of EgyptAir Flight 804 being repaired


Officials have said that it would take weeks for investigators to uncover what caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to crash into the Mediterranean Sea last month.

The crucial memory chips of the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder are being repaired by a technical team investigating, an official close to the investigation said.

The officials said that both units were damaged by the crash impact and sea water.

The cockpit voice recorder which captures sounds from the flight deck, including flight crew conversation and alarms and background noise can help investigators understand what the crew was doing during the crash.

The flight data recorder gathers 25 hours of technical data from the airplane’s sensors including air speed, altitude, engine performance and wing positions.

Flight 804 vanished from the radar as it soared over the Mediterranean from Paris to Cairo on May 19 with 66 people aboard.

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