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Dawood feels emptiness, post brother Humayun’s deaths

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s youngest brother Humayun Kaskar died in Karachi, on Thursday. According to the close sources, Dawood feels emptiness after his lost his brother.

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Humayun Kaskar, 40, was suffering from cancer and lived in Pakistan’s port city.

Unlike his brothers, Humayun who was in his mid-forties, was not involved in any crime, sources said. His elder brothers Dawood, Noorul and Anees, all have criminal records in Mumbai, among other places.

Though he was not linked to the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case, he was wanted in back in the coutry, in connection with some minor offences in India.

Humayun flee India via Nepal from Mumbai with his family in the late 80s after the Pydhonie riots and moved initially to Dubai and later to Pakistan. Humayun stayed in Islamabad with his wife, who died a few years ago, and children, a source said.

According to sources, “Dawood got a shock after he lost Humayun and feels emptiness because he was his youngest and beloved brother. After Noora being killed in Karachi and Haseena Aapa’s death in Mumbai, Humayun was very close to Dawood who gave emotional support to the fugitive Don.”

Humayun was suffering from cancer for the past seven years and his treatment was going on in a hospital in Karachi. Humayun was buried at around 5am on Friday there.

He owned a garment shop in Dubai, apart from looking after other family businesses. He married Dawood’s sister-in-law in 1996, in Karachi.

Shabbir, Dawood’s eldest brother, was killed by the Pathan brothers of the Karim Lala gang in the early 80s.

Dawood has been accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case. Dawood was actively involved until 1993 in silver smuggling and also entered the drug trade. Chhota Shakeel, who is allegedly very close to Dawood, handles all activities such as extortion and other dealings in Mumbai, sources said.

After the death of his brother Noorul Haq alias Noora, Humayun and deportation of Iqbal Kaskar from Dubai, Dawood now has two brothers living with him – Anees and Mustaqeem. Mustaqeem is not very active in the gang’s activities. Mustaqeem, in fact, is also suffering from a chronic ailment which keeps him confined to home.

A doting father, Dawood is known to consult his two grown-up children Mahrukh and Moin. Mahrukh, married to Junaid Miandad, son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad; and Moin, a devout Muslim, are believed to have convinced Dawood to cut his workload. The two have also been at the forefront of Dawood’s attempts to go legitimate. Dawood’s wife Mehjabeen too has been putting pressure on him to turn a new leaf.

Dawood also did not want to leave his huge ill-earned fortune to become a source of contention and endless dispute among his family members including his brothers, their children and his own. Dawood felt the need to preempt any discord and heartburn as it seemed only pragmatic to clearly earmark and allocate the businesses and properties before the inevitable happen, claimed his relatives based in Mumbai.

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