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Debate on intolerance unwarranted

Few days back India celebrated the Constitution day. Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that secularism is the most misused term in the country. He said that leaders should stop misusing the word as it has been the source of much tension and misinterpretation. Shiv Sena backed Rajnath Singh and criticized the Congress for amending the constitution to suit its dirty politics. Former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said that the day we drop secularism, we will be destroying the very foundation of Indian republic. Show me one leader who spoke about directive principles?

None of us including the MPs realize that they cannot change the constitution simply because the ruling combination does not possess the required numbers in the Rajya Sabha. Despite this, they talk about changing the constitution or redefining certain words. Don’t you think that all of them are wasting time and money?

Presently there is an urgent need to control the population and instilling discipline among citizens. Look at the irresponsible comments posted by people on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Netizens are misusing these medium to spread hate and enmity which must be stopped.

The entire nation is involved in a needless debate on religious intolerance. Intolerance is something that was always prevalent in the society. Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu spoke about ISIS and RSS in parliament without realizing that both are unregistered entities. I will urge the RSS to concentrate on citizen development. Let them impart training to youth so that they can become employable and sustain themselves.

Parliament must discuss about steps to be taken for curtailing rising food prices, progress on electric power generation, provision of safe drinking water to citizens. These are basic issues which needs to be addressed first when we talk about development. Progress does not mean bricks, mortar, cement and steel, it primarily means augmenting food production and reducing poverty. Did you hear any leader speaking about this topic in parliament? Prime Minister Narendra Modi must listen and give importance to other leaders also. He must become a father figure and lead from the front. He must appeal citizens to join national service voluntarily for a short span and can even make it applicable to those who intend to serve the state civil services and join IAS.

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