Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Demonetization to DeMuttonization…

Real issues facing the country has sadly been buried under the carpet in the debate from ‘Demonetization to DeMuttonization’ which has taken our country by storm in the last few months. Demonetization only changed the colour of the currency without really tackling black money and corruption while ban on slaughter houses is only dividing people on the basis of their eating habits and religion. Unemployment, inflation, cruelty against women like rapes and molestation, deterioration of environment and changing weather conditions over the years, housing and water problems etc should be the top priority of the government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should look into the above mentioned problems urgently as these are real issues that are facing not just the poor but the elite as well. The progress and development of a nation should be measured by the quality of life the citizens enjoy and let us rise above this sad debate of ‘Demonetization to DeMuttonization’ to protect not just  our secularism and democracy but certain principles and ethics which are so very important in human values and humanity.

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