Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Development with sensitivity

Our country is huge and full of diversities. While governing this great nation, we have to keep in mind that sensitivities of any section of society are not adversely affected. People should be kept happy so that they may sleep peacefully even with half stomach full.

Violence must be dealt with strictly. Who damaged BEST buses, who gathered stones on their roof tops, who were beating women and children? Not difficult to find. What were Bhide saheb and Ekbote saheb doing?

We may fault the two young men (the newly elected MLA and a JNU student) but not forget that ours is a land of Budhha. The biggest criminals have been won over with love and affection. By calling and talking to them, “Beta tumhara dookh kya hai”, and then trying to take them along the path of progress.

Our young men and women are very competent and we need to encourage and promote them. Guidance to the society, education concerning basics, teaching in schools and colleges, the basics of domestic electrical wiring, fuses, circuit breakers and such things are needed. Our government is more interested in sending 13000 to Haj unescorted. Teach and train them on vocational matters, beneficial trades. How to handle an incipient fire in your flat single handedly or how to ensure that there is an exhaust fan in your bathroom. Make the people well trained and self reliant as in Israel.

Mahendra Singh

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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