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Didn’t expect so much chaos: Swara Bhaskar on ‘Padmaavat’ letter

After indulging in war of words with the trolls on micro-blogging site Twitter for her controversial letter open letter to ‘Padmaavat’, actress Swara Bhaskar has now clarified that she did not “expect so much chaos just because of a word that starts with ‘V’.”

While attending an event, when asked about her open letter, Swara said, “Everybody has right to express opinion. I kept my views in a very polite manner and had no wrong intentions. I put forward a few legitimate questions. I didn’t expect so much chaos just because I used a word which starts with ‘V’.”

She added, “If people don’t agree with me, it’s alright as it is democratic country. I had no idea that this would create such mayhem and that people who are not connected to the film at all will get upset.”

Bhasker wrote a thought-provoking letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali after watching ‘Padmaavat’.

A part her letter read, “You may be wondering why the hell I am going on and on thus about vaginas. Because Sir, that’s what I felt like at the end of your magnum opus. I felt like a vagina. I felt reduced to a vagina-only.”

The letter went viral and Swara continues to fight a spirited battle against those heaping abuse on her – and there are many.

While ‘Padmaavat’ director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has not responded to the open letter, actor Shahid Kapoor, who plays the role of Maharawal Ratan singh in the movie said, “I haven’t read it yet. We have been busy with other things, but I think this isn’t the right time. It has been a tough battle for us to be able to bring forth the film to the audience. It feels great to receive support from the entire industry but it feels odd that someone said something on a personal level. That’s OK though as everyone has the right to say what they want but I haven’t read it yet.”

Meanwhile, ‘Padmaavat’ continues to roar at the box-office as the movie crossed the Rs 120 crores in five days of its release.

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