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Friday, December 1, 2023
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I didn’t threaten to kill Dr Athavale: James

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Lead AVJames Annamalai has termed the allegations made by Chetan Rajhans, spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha, pertaining to the receipt of threat letter received by the outfit’s ashram in Ponda, Goa as baseless. Chetan had alleged that James had sent the letter to Sanatan Sanstha and it contains his name, mobile number and signature. On the other hand, James said that his name and mobile number was being misused and conspiracy has been hatched to defame him. James added that his mobile number has been misused by several persons. Defending himself James added that just because his name, contact details and signature appears in the letter, that doesn’t mean that the letter is written and sent by him. He said that the accused has forged his signature.

James Annamalai expressed, “Can anybody write a letter to any organisation giving false statement mentioning mobile number and signature? Why should I write a letter to some organisation? If somebody writes a letter mentioning my name and mobile number, that doesn’t mean I have written it. My mobile number and signature was used by one of my associate before who was working in the finance department. My name and mobile number has been misused several times. All police stations of Bengaluru have my mobile number.”

When AV asked why he didn’t change his mobile number, James replied, “Why should I change my number as I have been using this number since last 20 years. Sujith Gidwani has written to BJP president in Karnataka that I am converting Hindus to Christianity. He is making false allegations against me.”

Chetan Rajhans, Sanatan Sanstha spokesperson said, “Since the designated police official is busy resolving some case which occurred in local area hence, they have not resolved my complaint yet. If a fanatic Christian guru threatens to attack Hindus then it is unjustified. These threats have come at a time when Christmas festival is just round the corner. He is trying to convert Hindus into Christians. Such type of threats have not been issued earlier. This act has been done with an intention to disturb communal harmony in Goa. Therefore, such individual is dangerous for the society, and it is demanded that an immediate action should be taken against him”.

Advocate Nagesh Thackbate said, “We had forwarded a written complaint with the Ponda police station in this regard. Police officials informed that this matter comes under cognizable offence. The allegations made by James pertaining to his name, mobile number and signatures being forged will be revealed after investigation.”

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