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Digitisation can improve access to education

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Today it has become difficult to search a job in our country. Our main objective is to study and get a good job. But in today’s competitive world no education is enough to make you land your dream job. Right from our childhood we are asked to study hard and acquire the best of degrees. Education sector in our country is a prime market for many institutions to earn money. Many a time counselor hired to create awareness about a course is less qualified for the job done by her. Even if we Indians have a culture of education imbibed within us only 4 per cent of the total population of India is graduate and if we are talking about women empowerment only 2.5 % of them possess bachelor’s degree. Further we have an illusion that people residing in cities are well versed with English language.  However, only 3% of the population is fluent with the language and have good command over grammar.

In short everybody keeps talking about education but nobody takes any initiative to make it available for the poorest of the poor living in remote areas of the country. We are sure that digitization will enable us to achieve this objective and keep us abreast about the latest incidents happening in the world. The government has announced that only courses approved by AICTE will be recognized. Despite this many people join private institutes sans affiliation and make a hue and cry when the degree is not considered for employment. This problem can be addressed through digitization of education and it will become easier for people living in rural areas to enroll for a course and acquire degrees.

Of-course we also come across reports about wi-fi services being misused for watching obscene content. However the initiative taken by Google CEO Sundar Pichai to make internet accessible for everyone should be appreciated. Nowadays many applications are available online enabling us to learn new languages and stay updated about current issues. Today internet is the only thing which can be said to match the speed of light. All we need is a bit of awareness about technology and groom more engineers.

If we need to focus on educating ourselves everyday with something new then digitization can be safest mode to achieve it. Since India is a heavily populated country and people are struggling for improving their lives we do need to remain hopeful and aware about technology to explore it to the fullest.

Long time back a reputed telecom company had released an advertisement pertaining to making education available in the remote regions through mobile technology. Maybe our future lives will remain completely dependent on the mobile technology but we need to make sure that it is used for promoting education and not misused. It’s a long way to go but at least a beginning has been made.

Gayatri Pawar

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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