Monday, August 2, 2021
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Discrimination of Kashmir’s Human Rights Commission

Major Gogoi had tied Faroukh Ahmad Darr to the top of the jeep for preventing that attack of stone pelters. The so called Human rights activists raised hell over the issue. And now the Jammu and Kashmir Human Rights Commission has given decision in Darr’s favour and asked the state to grant him 10 lakhs, as compensation. But for the past 25 years the Commission has not taken cognisance of the Kashmiri Hindus who have been wandering as refugees because of the threats from the Kashmiri separatist traitors. The state government has not been asked to give anyone of the Pandits a single rupee as compensation. The Commission did not feel any sympathy for the Kashmiri Pandits for sufferings undergone by them. Till now it is seen that, if the Government takes a stand of tit for tat behaviour with the terrorists the Commission’s heart bleeds for them. But when the terrorists in Kashmir throw stones at the soldiers the Commission’s human heart does not feel that the soldiers too deserve to be offered compensation.

Arpita Pathak

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