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This Diwali undertake reforms in silent and sincere manner

Friends! You see, it’s Deepawali and not Patakawali. You can burn crackers but only those which do not create deafening noise. I myself have to put in ear plugs, so you can imagine what the infants will have to go through. The birds get frightened. Now look at most of our TV channels. They are trying to portray this as Hindu-Muslim issue. There are BJP spokespersons who declare it as anti-Hindu judgement while “Hindu ke tyohar par hi kyon?” is the lament. We have fallen to what levels. Most of the people go by the written word and miss the spirit. Why do you want to burn very loud crackers and not pray in your own home /society temple.

Diwali signifies defeat of evil forces and advent of light, prosperity and positivity. Pray at home. Perform aarti and distribute prasad and then burst low intensity small crackers and other such things that the kids may enjoy and can play with by themselves. Diwali also means making /buying of sweets and welcoming guests by offering these. There is also a tendency that people are more aware and they don’t eat too much sweet. Excessive use of sugar and salt is bad for your health and it is a good sign that even the 9-10 year olds know it.

Fill up a jug with drinking water and put handful of saumf or Anise in it and drink it when it becomes slightly brownish.

This five-day festival, which coincides with Hindu New Year, is seen to be one of the most significant in the Indian culture. The date of the festival is calculated according to the position of the moon and the Hindu lunar calendar. The night before Diwali is known as Narak Chaturdasi and it represents the day when the Hindu demon Narakaasura died.

The word “Diwali” itself means “series of lights” and during the festival houses and shops are decorated with candles and lights. This festival is meant to represent light over darkness and the Hindu belief that good will always triumph over evil. There are many such forces emanating these days and are getting vocal. For many, Diwali honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and people will start the new business year at Diwali.

Our TV channels must help propagating forces of construction. Print media is more responsible. On this pious day let us discourage child exploitation and child marriage. If societies and parents, teachers take upon themselves then the learned Supreme Court will have no need to intervene. Let girls study, play sports, build up their bodies and then get married. I shall urge the society to undertake such reforms in silent and sincere manner.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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