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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Dog Rapes: The serious offense is on rise in Mumbai

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A 68-year-old man Ahmed Shahi has been arrested for raping a community Dog. He was produced before a court for custody and that the police took note of a video of the act.

API Tushar Gogawale of DN Nagar police station said, “We immediately arrested him as soon as we got a call and investigated the matter”.

Bombay Animal Rights NGOs Vijay Mohanani received a call from a person who said he resided in Andheri West at Juhu Galli and informed Mohanani that a person who lives in his vicinity was sexually abusing dogs in the neighborhood. He sent Mohanani a video in which the man was seen raping a female dog. The video was shot by him in December last year.

Shahi was warned not to repeat the act but got caught several times doing the same. He was making Dogs his sexual victims. The man who was keeping a constant watch on Shahi finally shot a video and kept thinking that he would be deterred by the video and would not repeat the crime.

Several, Bitches (female Dogs) left bleeding, the onlookers suspect that the Ahmed Shahi feeding those dogs something that they don’t resist to such atrocities. After receiving the video, Mohanani approached the police station.
Ahmed Shahi is a vegetable vendor and from a well-to-do background. He resides in Juhu Galli area of Andheri West.

His family members said this is a personal vendetta; Shahi cannot commit such an act. The Dog is fed by him and always plays in his lap. Shahi is a local feeder to whom people have donated dog and cat food. He is an animal lover and very sensitive towards them, asserted his family.

But Mohanani said that daytime he feeds them and night time he uses them for his sexual urges. Since the strays had a relation of trust and loyalty with him, she would not attack him. On 23 October last year, a community dog called Noorie was raped in a Powai mall with a 11-inch wooden stick inserted in her private parts and had been in a critical condition with serious injuries.

The accused had raped her several times and said he inserted the rod to kill his child which he thought she was pregnant with. A similar incident was reported in October last year, a man was caught in Nerul railway station’s CCTV camera raping a dog. Arrests have taken place in both cases.


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