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Donald Trump’s presidency will ‘lead to another 9/11’: South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

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Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s foreign policy will lead to another terrorist attack on the scale of the September 11, 2011 attacks, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said.

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Asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday about former House Speaker John Boehner’s comments in support of Trump, Graham said they were evidence of a Republican “civil war”, adding that it was important to defeat Trump because his foreign policy worldview is dangerous.

“There’s a civil war going on in the Republican Party, obviously. John and I are very close friends, but he’s embracing Donald Trump, and I am not. Why? Because I believe Donald Trump’s foreign policy is isolationism. It will lead to another 9/11.”

Graham, a former presidential hopeful himself who endorsed presidential hopeful Texas Senator Ted Cruz in March, said Tuesday’s primary in Indiana is a “big test” for the anti-Trump movement, but that Cruz should stay in the race through the end of the primaries regardless.

“I’m advising Ted, go to the last vote,” he said, adding “Trump’s gotten 40 percent of the popular vote. That doesn’t give you 1,237 delegates. I think you could still stop, even if you lose in Indiana.”

In a reference to Boehner’s description of Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh,” Graham used the metaphor to say that Trump’s brand of politics will “get creamed at the ballot box” in November.

“There’s been a lot of talk about Lucifer. I think Lucifer may be the only person Trump could beat in a general election,” Graham said, adding “But when it comes women and Hispanics, Trump polls like Lucifer.”

Trump tweeted saying he had watched Graham’s interview, and was not impressed.

“I watched Senator Graham @FaceTheNation. Why don’t they say that I ran him out of the race like a little boy, and in the end he had no support?”

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