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Don’t discuss internal matters on foreign tours

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is engaging in excessive self- promotion while touring overseas. Not too bad thus far, but when you speak badly about your political opponents, even obliquely, it becomes undesirable especially when you are on foreign soil. Do not get carried away. Digvijaya Singh had attacked Modi for criticizing the Congress during his foreign tour to Canada. While delivering a speech in Canada, Modi had said that he is cleaning up the mess left behind by Congress. Congress said that the comments were in poor taste and he must learn to conduct himself from senior leader L.K Advani. The party also said that the PM should learn from the conduct of Vajpayee about how to exercise some restraint.

Whatever people may say about the Chinese attack in 1962 but according to me it was largely caused by jealousy due to the personality and good English presentation by of former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. China detest one-up-manship and Modi must remain watchful about it. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t like Modi to overshadow him. You can already notice the Pak-Russian joint military exercise and Chinese giving submarines to Pakistan.

BJP uses the clippings of such foreign tours undertaken by Modi while campaigning for elections. Now, these clippings will be used during the Bihar election as party workers will say, “Dekho Modi ne duniya jeet li hai”. The biggest task before the government and the social organizations is to instill discipline in the masses by organizing skill development programmes and camps to teach first aid and basic fire fighting techniques. Our citizens are inadequately trained in these functions. Our MLAs and MPs should be put through Medical first aid courses and some elementary training in basic fire fighting and fire prevention.

There have been reports about International schools denying entry to students in classroom as they have failed to pay the revised fees which is unjustified. We do not need elitist international schools for children. Basic primary school with dedicated teachers will do the needful for providing better education to students. Most of us studied in village or town primary schools and they were quite good. Remember the school run by Nargis in the film Shree 420? “ Ichak dana bichak dana dane upar dana….”. Training must be imparted to primary school teachers and the government should also utilize services of qualified and retired teachers.

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