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Don’t make a beautiful life complicated

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Life is beautiful though it might be easy or difficult from different perspectives. We make our lives complicated with far-ending aspirations. Everyone wants to achieve their goals in his or her life. People try to use their past experiences to move ahead in their lives and reach their desired target and to achieve that, they use a ladder of ‘If’ and ‘But’. Regardless of whatever consequences, a person needs to follow a proper way to ensure success in his life. Whatever the results may be, we need to work on our determination than thinking about the consequences. This is the only key to success and life is all about conviction.

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Life is beautiful, it is a journey. Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of their conviction, though it can be a fable for many while a great example for others! They decided to live with each other in spite of all the hurdles and ultimately, they sacrificed their lives. However, we are always busy thinking about the past, the present, and the future more than anything while it is necessary to face our lives by targeting our daily objectives and looking for means to fulfill them.

Managing our lives is a difficult task. Life is meant for struggle and we should start loving ourselves. We might face difficulty in accepting others’ greatness and capabilities but the need is to overcome that. Attitude is just a denominator of our action which portrays how we think. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express our emotions to the others and it is also a remarkable skill set to understand someone else’s feelings. Life is just beautiful beyond all the boundaries but we make it difficult by demeaning our lives. Rather than self-destruction, people must enjoy each and every moment of their lives. Even if we are alone in the walks of our lives, we do not need to worry as our soul should be our mentor to tackle all kinds of difficulties.

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God gives us this life to see this beautiful world. The Creator introduces us to this world and also enjoys our activities post birth. Instead of the feeling of being into a joyful world, we think that our life is a burden on us. Rich, poor, girl, boy, colour, and creed do not matter. Human beings are the successor of the Creator. The soul is nothing but our desires and Karma is nothing but the outcome of our activities during our lifetime. We should learn to cope up with our inferiority complex to see the real life. We should learn how to love unconditionally from other animals and learn to live the life to the fullest. There are two sides of a coin but the most important is to learn how to have the fun of a toss with that coin. The courage to be enthusiastic will wash off all of our problems and sidelining the negative things will also help us to have a better life.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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