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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Don’t malign India from abroad: Sena to Modi

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Key BJP ally Shiv Sena chided Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent remarks on corruption in India and asked him to refrain from “maligning” the country from foreign soil.

Udhav Thakre
Taunting Modi in yet another attack on the prime minister, the Sena also questioned if scams in BJP-ruled states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat can be attributed to the Gandhi family.

Vowing to root out corruption in India, the prime minister had on Sunday said in Doha on the second leg of his five-nation visit that he “faced problems” by depriving many people of their “sweets” and saved over Rs. 36,000 crore annually by stopping leakage and theft in government schemes.

“The Prime Minister garnered applause for speaking on how corrupt India is. This is like maligning the reputation of the country on foreign soil,” the editorial said.

The Sena also took another swipe at Modi wondering who could be blamed if people are talking about corruption two years after the new government came to power.

“Whom do we blame for it? Can we attribute what is happening in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat to the Gandhi family?” the editorial asked.

“Since Modi is the face of the nation, other countries might believe what he speaks and take decisions based on that which might affect the financial condition of India. Jibes at opposition should be taken within the country itself. One does not need to go to America or Europe to take potshots at Modi or the Gandhi family,” it added.

The Sena said levelling corruption charges against Robert Vadra and Gandhi family was enough and it is now time to take action against them if they have indulged in wrongdoings.

“(Former Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister) Ajit Pawar had recently said he lost power because he lost control of his tongue. This should become a political mantra,” the Sena said.

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