Friday, June 25, 2021
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Drunk driving claim three lives

There is one more case of drunk driving that killed two on the spot and one in the hospital. It is quite imperative that road traffic in Mumbai is on the increase and that is reflecting in the number of accidents occurring in the busy streets. As we find that the number of cars exceeds the limit and daily induction of cars on the roads is a constant worry. Rash driving under the influence of alcohol makes the matter worse. Teenagers take up driving at a tender age without the knowledge of parents and that creates more terror on the roads of Mumbai. Half knowledge is always dangerous and the youngsters venture out keeping their life as well of others at risk. It is the duty of the police and the RTO to make sure that these youngsters does not take the law into their own hands and keep the road traffic on the tight leash. Generally a person could hardly drive with liquor influence and driving without a valid licence put the driver and the pedestrians at risk. Such road rage should be stopped with regular checking of rash and negligent drivers.

Subbu Jayant 

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