Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Elphinstone stampede – no positive development on infra yet

Elphinstone stampede, a couple of months back was nightmarish but the death of commuters in the tragedy seems to have been forgotten with no positive development on infrastructure except free advice which at most times is a gimmick. We discuss and forget disasters till the next one happens which is the reason why no concrete decisions are taken by the authorities in our country. Public outburst except shedding crocodile tears are the reason for the sad times which we live in today, maybe we don’t have an choice as people have to get back to work to earn an livelihood in a city which is very expensive to survive.
Modi govt is giving infrastructure a priority and safety of commuters should be paramount on that list. Railways should renovate crumbling overhead bridges and build new ones here none exist. Train fares should include insurance premiums and top medical facilities made available at every station. Railway infrastructure like platforms, bridges and overhead roofs should go through infrastructural audit at regular intervals so that Elphinstone like disasters can be avoided in future.

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