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Empowerment through education

If the education system is reformed then it will increase the literacy rate in India. We have been appreciating our education system for providing such excellent knowledge in the respective field. Yes it is rightly said that it’s never late to learn as one can continue learning till the end of his life. Nowadays education is not important what is important is gaining practical skills. Eventually we realise that we seek knowledge to become employable in the future. In India education definitely plays a different role and it is one of our fundamental rights. But still today many of us cannot learn what we aim for.

For instance, some student who is keen to study law with a regular study background will definitely go ahead. On the other hand, there are many students who have discontinued their education for supporting their family by taking up jobs or for some other reasons. These students might not even have passed 12th standard but are looking forward to study further for getting employment and earn their livelihood. What if somehow a girl has managed to clear her 12th standard at the age of 26, and now is planning to pursue her graduation. That person might be extremely talented and there are possibilities that she could even clear the IAS examinations in first attempt. Does she have any option?

I recently met a girl aged 26 who works as a gym trainer in one of the small time gym for the past five years. She had completed her 10+2 education in the year 2013. There is almost an educational gap of eight to nine years and she cannot seek direct admission into third year of graduation. If the girl opts for a regular course then she might have to spend three years and she will find it difficult to match the eligibility required for appearing in IAS examination. I am sure this is not the lone case as many such cases exist in India.

Mumbai University along with the UGC has provided good facilities to students for pursuing education. Whereas the new amendments and guidelines says that if there is gap of three years after completing 12th standard then student is eligible for admission to the third year of graduation otherwise he has to pursue a regular course.

Small amendments within new guidelines can offer hope to many other students like the gym trainer. The girl has demanded that she should be allowed to pursue her third year even though there has been a gap after completing her 12th standard. Thus she will have enough time to prepare for the IAS examination. She said that even if she fails in the first attempt she could get some breathing space and study more for appearing for the second time. Since the girl’s financial status is not sound hence she can’t afford to join coaching classes for the IAS examination. After undergoing several difficulties she is ready to complete her regular graduation course and is planning to make an attempt for clearing IAS examination. Finally she is getting ready to fulfil her dream.

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