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End college on a high note

During our college days, we get attached with our classmates hence it becomes difficult for us to bid adieu to them. It’s an emotional moment for students who had spend many years together to say good bye to their classmates all of sudden. Even though students take part in several activities they should do something interesting on their last day of the college which will become a memorable moment for them.

I recollect the first day of my college when no student knew each other. However, situation has changed drastically as I and my classmates have become close friends. After the completion of studies students will cherish the wonderful memories of their college lives.

Students will recollect the funny incidents which occurred during their college life. To end the farewell in a good note it would be better to organize a funny and crazy award function. We can find several types of students in a class. Some students are funny, some are irritating and some are helpful. Thus students need to be felicitated with such an award which suits their character. The following categories of awards can be given viz the most controversial student, most irritating, flirtiest, memorable student etc. Students who receive such awards will always remember these moments for the entire life. It’s a special occasion for students as they plan to move ahead in their career.

Sometimes a rift occurs between students as they don’t forget their enmity until the last day of their college. Students should patch up with their foes so that they can build a friendship which can even last for a lifetime. How can a student forget about the time spent in class–the lectures, exams and study groups etc? The separation is painful for students as they have laughed, cried, leaped etc. They have enjoyed the thrill of victory and agony of defeat and now it’s all coming to an end. Time should stand still so that students can continue having fun while attending their classes.

It’s the last day of their college and time has come for students to plan their future. So guyz lets end the last day of our college by planning some humorous award felicitation ceremony.

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