Friday, September 17, 2021
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Enhance the production of pulses

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very nice man. He thinks about all the light hearted things first and later emphasizes about the important tasks. He was quick to speak about tweeting and selfies but now he talks about second green revolution and increasing the production of pulses.

Through these columns, I had repeatedly urged to enhance the production of pulses and if necessary, import them from foreign countries. In villages, “Arhar ke khet” are the rendezvous point for lovers. The vegetables like kaddu, lauki, taroi and karela are mostly grown on thatched roofs. Potatoes, of course, are grown in the fields and it is eaten in almost all parts of the world.

Modi also said that fertile land can be acquired to set up factories. However, he has now realized that what will be produced in factories can not be eaten or even sold ( poor quality) so he is rightly talking of second green revolution. “Poppy” (posta) kheer is very tasty and we used to demand for more quantities of it while visiting our relatives in the villages.

Pankaja Munde is at the centre of a controversy, with the Congress accusing her of involvement in a “chikki scam” by clearing purchases worth ₹206 crore through Government Resolutions on a single day instead of inviting tenders, in violation of the norms. The purchases relate to a host of items including snacks, mats, dishes and books for children under the Integrated Child Development Services by the Women and Child Development Ministry, which she heads. Munde has rubbished all allegations in an e-mail statement and claimed that some of her dynamic decisions as minister to reduce corruption have upset some “money-minded bunch of people”. Pankaja said that the allegations made against her are baseless as she is willing to quit politics if proved guilty. She also blamed the opposition for maligning her image.

We are supplying Chikki of reportedly inferior quality. Earlier we used to get powdered milk which had a special taste. Nana Patekar rightly said, “Ab to biscuit ko bhi Parle ji kehte hain”. True we can offer one packet of biscuits to the children. I have mentioned several times that citizen development is an important task. I also had laid emphasis about compulsory national service few weeks back. What about the unbridled growth of population. When will this topic figure in Modi’s “Man ki baat”. Strict action must be taken against people who fail to help accident victims.

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