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EVMs enjoy confidence

EVMs are part and parcel of our election process and we need to depend on this system keeping in view of increasing population in India. It is an easy and foolproof system followed in an effort to provide a quick and most dependable verdict for both the ruling and opposition parties. The recent rubbishing of the claim made by a former employee is just for a publicity stunt in the wake of the election coming up in India and served no purpose. The Election Commission is not interested in a motivated slugfest and it firmly stands up by the empirical facts about the foolproof nature of EVMs deployed in earlier elections in India.

When BJP wins there is EVM fraud and hacking when Congress swiped all three states the same EVM worked. The conspirator to such charges should be declared as anti-national and anti-Indian challenging the election system. Winning three states this party thinks that they have won entire India’s voters heart. The negative impact will be much as voters are not fooled. EVM is the best system of conducting the election. This is a demon of the democratic system and should be taken to task. It is all fabricated and conducted by him sitting at the UK. The news of the death of Munde as planned killing is another serious allegation without basing on any fact.

Those who propagate false claim without any prima facie evidence are acting against basic democracy and hence should be arrested under NSA, unless they can demonstrate hacking of EVM publicly. If EVM were defective then we should cancel the election result of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and MP and let there be an election by paper ballot. There is no end to the endless allegations in the name of dirty politics.

It is necessary to take cognizance of the allegation by an Indian in International Media about EVM hacking and alleged crime committed during previous LS election. ECI should file an FIR to bring the complainant to India for investigation as he was aware of the alleged crime and he concealed it. If it is true then he is in some way associated with the hatching of the alleged crime against a big politician. He also claims that he turned the Delhi elections in favour of AAP. It is also a big crime. If he is wrong then he is working in tandem with certain political groups for their advantage during the ensuing elections. He should then be punished for his misdeeds.

No system is hundred per cent foolproof. We all know what used to happen during ballot box days. The election commission has already given enough opportunity to political parties to show their claim of hacking EVM, but they all failed. Nowadays any Tom, Dick, and Harry stand up and start claiming hacking EVM. Our media should not give them space before verifying such stupid claims and the print media should have rational thinking on this sensitive subject.

The Election Commission is the only body to have authority to use and handle the EVM and there is no chance of hacking if it is not even being given to another person and for hacking u need to put an external device and to do so u have break open the seal of EVM which is not possible within the time duration of clicking button of EVM.

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