Exposure to excess light, manmade disaster


Excessive man-made lights are definitely bad for human health. Present day children sit before television set, operate computer during late hours and concentrate more on their android mobile phones rather than their regular studies. With the growing use of energy saving lamps and the development of new lighting technologies, comes the worry that some people who have conditions that react to light might be negatively affected by this shift. Man-made artificial light sources affect the health of the general public or of light-sensitive people. Modern CFLs are essentially flicker-free but there could be some residual flicker and, even if the flicker is not noticeable, it may still be perceived by the brain. Studies reveal that present day children are more exposed and it is a bad sign. Categories of light pollution include the glare and that spoils the eye sight. Eye glow is most harmful of all the light problems. Light pollution adversely effects health in number of ways including migraine, sleep disorder, fatigue, stress connected with ill health. Robust health is the need for the students as they feel the stress with their regular studies. Too much exposure of anything is harmful to the eyes. The effect of light on cells depends on the radiation and its wavelength, the type of cell, the chromophore, and the chemical reaction involved. Exposure to excess light is definitely a manmade disaster and there is no remedy to correct eyesight spoiled in such a manner.

Nickhil Mani

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