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FBI Chief James Comey Dragged Center Stage in US Election Showdown

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America’s top cop FBI Director James Comey found himself center stage on Saturday as his renewed probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails set a bitter tone for the final ten-day stretch of the campaign.

Both Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump piled pressure on Comey to put his cards on the table and end speculation about the investigation before America goes to the polls on November 8.

Clinton demanded the FBI director explain in detail why he had effectively reopened an inquiry declared complete in July, branding Comey’s move “deeply troubling” so close to Election Day.

And Trump fired up his raucous supporters with a vow that “justice can at last be delivered” — despite the FBI not putting any timeline on the new inquiry.

In reality, it seems unlikely that any progress will be made in the email investigation before polling day, and few observers expect Clinton to face criminal charges.

But every day that she spends dealing with the fallout of her decision to use a private email server as secretary of state is a day the media is not dwelling on the scandals dogging Trump.

And while the 69-year-old Democrat remains on course to be voted in as America’s first female president, her campaign is furious that its momentum has slowed in the final straight.

On Saturday, the latest poll of polls by tracker site RealClearPolitics put Clinton 3.9 percentage points ahead of Trump nationwide, down from a gap of 7.1 points just 10 days previously.

And an ABC/Washington Post survey gave her a 47 percent to 45 percent lead, a drastic fall from her 12-point margin in the same poll a week ago.

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