Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Fire tragedies needs utmost attention

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs in a metropolitan city like Mumbai that people caught in fire tragedy in shop blaze. Licence allotting authorities now showing ignorance about the activities going in a farsan eatery cum workshop in the heart of the city. Major fire broke out in Saki Naka area and the tragedy saw many deaths due to absence of an escape route. This is one of more cases of negligence on the part of BMC to spot such a large area of a shop in the vicinity of Andheri. The unauthorised snack making factory was having gas cylinders, kerosene and oil. These inflammable items added to the fire and created a huge blast and the sleeping migrants died while on sleep.  Mumbai buildings are increasingly becoming old and prone to fire accidents and it is up to BMC to have a disaster management team to press into service to find out the real reasons for the fire. Current statistics of deaths and injuries, in relation to fires, proves to be alarming and increasing in numbers. It is time to prevent major fires in the metropolitan city and BMC should play positive role in paying more attention to prevent such blaze.

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