Thursday, June 24, 2021
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First-hand experience of rains

Mumbai monsoon is giving jitters to office goers and the people on pursuit of performing well in their business ambitions. As the rain arrives, the woes continue and two people died in the flooding. Tree fall is the reason for the recent deaths as BMC fail to clear the protruding branches of trees in an effort to the loss of lives in the metro. Lighting strike during the early stages of rains and fishermen venturing out and throwing the caution to the sea. Central Mumbai was immersed with water and weather predictions came right for couple of days. Manhole open danger was prevented by a good Samaritan and now a lawyer couple brings out their boats out to help out stranded people in the rain water near Hindmata. They came in right time as rescuers in a place where even BMC staffers could not help out the misery of the people. The couple provided yeomen service at an appropriate time and it needs to be appreciated. They risked their own life to help out desperate people on the streets with their human effort. It is time for BMC to have more such inflatable boats to be used on emergency during the monsoon rains.

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