Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Follow the Japanese style of functioning

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must first visit Japan and enter into some useful collaborations, including training our youth. Japanese are technically very capable and methodical. I have seen them loading cars at Toyota terminal and they are very proficient. Germans too are technically very sound but many of them are quite wayward and unpredictable and consume too much beer even while working. We must mould ourselves to Japanese way of functioning. Next, of course, Modi will meet US President Barack Obama which is vital considering the volume of trade between the two countries. They will come to our rescue if we have any conflict with Pakistan and China. Russian President Vladimir Putin will extract his pound of flesh even before he thinks about helping us. The USSR has ceased to exist.

Nearer home, we should be doing business with Myanmar and Vietnam. Modi is meeting secretaries to encourage them to work, which is laudable. He must have asked his ministers to avoid creating unnecessary chaos at Gopinath Munde’s funeral site. Funeral is a solemn occasion attended mostly by relatives and close friends. No funeral is however complete without the attendance of Shri LK Advani. Why you need to impose tremendous pressure on police force just to get yourself photographed? I have already mentioned that the UP government must be dismissed as it is being ruled by the Yadav family.

We have been talking about dynasty without realizing that dynastic politics is prevalent in UP too. They will always create troubles for the central government, given their natural inclinations. Supreme Court has not given any reprieve to Subrata Roy and Modi government must not give any leeway to the UP government. UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has blamed the media for highlighting the rape incidents occurring only in his state. The law and order situation has deteriorated in UP ever since the Samajwadi Party has formed government. Akhilesh received flak over his google comments in the aftermath of the Badaun rape incident.

Congress is responsible for the poor development of the country. Why did the Congress nominate former Railway Minister Mallikarjun Kharge as the leader of opposition? Because Sonia Gandhi thinks he is a better loyalist than Former Union Minister Kamal Nath. This is the misfortune of our nation. First of all Rahul Gandhi must be asked to assume this responsibility and if he is unwilling, dismiss him as the party’s Vice President. We must give a credible opposition to the government for a healthy democracy.

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