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Follow the Japanese work culture

I have many times in the past laid emphasis on the need to follow the Japanese way of working methodically and peacefully. Now, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has also become a fan of the Japanese. This is a good sign. Bhagwat nonetheless should teach people to put their head down, shun publicity and work with peace and precision like the Japanese work force.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is becoming very loud and showy. We are experiencing a lot of breakdowns on Konkan Railways and Central Railways but the Railway Minister is yet to take any steps to address this issue. Many people may even have forgotten who is the Railway Minister? Modi should encourage other ministers also to present their plan of action to the public. One man show doesn’t augur well for the nation in the long run.

We do not have a credible opposition at the national level till date and the Delhi election date will be announced soon. The Congress must work fast and declare a good young face as Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi, otherwise the AAP may again try to gain mileage and create obstacles for the BJP. The saffron party has been waiting to test the waters at Maharashtra and Haryana before going in for Delhi polls. However, it must not under estimate AAP which can play spoiler and create dissatisfaction among people by January 2015. The inaction of the Congress is really annoying. Rahul Gandhi is not fit for the Indian politics. Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit may again work with Sonia Gandhi to regain control over Delhi, which should be resisted.

A quick announcement of an able young face for Delhi is necessary. Priyanka Gandhi would fit the bill..
The stubbornness of Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray is baffling. What will he gain by adopting such kind of tactics? Uddhav won’t gain much but he may end up embarrassing the BJP. Is he looking for negativity to propel him?

Mohan Bhagwat must provide guidance to Uddhav and leave the Japanese for some time. He will not work like the Japanase but may, in all probability, start addressing them as Hindus. The RSS activists must work in Mumbai to cement co-operation between Shiv Sena and BJP and teach Hindu way of life to peacefully resolve the portfolio allotment issue. Look at the manner in which ministers are fighting for occupying bungalows and chambers. Is it not a shameful act?

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