Friday, January 21, 2022
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Follow traffic rules

We need to take stock of the currently prevailing environment around us. The safety on roads is appalling causing accidents involving pedestrians. Over speeding cars losing control, jumping red lights and selfish driving manners are visible every day. When you try to cross the road by using zebra crossing the driver doesn’t stop his vehicle and tries to zoom ahead. This scene is visible in Mumbai. On the other hand if the driver finds you approaching the zebra crossing he/she stops allowing you to pass. When you wave to thank her, she too will reciprocate with a smile. Our car drivers are always in a hurry to reach their destination and don’t bother about pedestrians safety. Mangoes hanging from the trees are a sign of good environment. On the other hand girls have been raped and hanged on mango trees in UP which are unjustified.

Many times I have mentioned that air quality data should be published on the front page corners of at least mainstream news papers but it is yet to be implemented. What air we breathe, what can be done to improve it are the issues which merit our consideration. Even after 10 pm, we often hear deafening noise of crackers and loud bands but nobody is there to stop them. For ships we are considering ways to reduce under water noise to protect fishes underneath. Our policing remains insensitive in nature.
On ships, we have defined Sox emission control areas where discharge of Sox, Nox and particulate matter is controlled by using low sulphur heavy oil ( 1% S) and low sulphur gas oil ( 0.1%S).

On our roads, we still continue to notice many autos and trucks emitting thick black smoke. Since the monsoon season is just round the corner top priority must be given to rain water harvesting techniques. We are cutting down trees instead of planting them.

I always carry a cloth bag when I go out to buy something but the shopkeeper still offers me plastic “panni” which I accept when he says, uncle , “Dhania, curry patta, panni me le lo”. Our political atmosphere is also vitiated. Rahul Gandhi does not want to become the leader of opposition. Like Mother India, Sonia Gandhi should give a tight slap on the face of Rahul Gandhi to make him responsible ( like in the case of Raj Kapoor). Nitin Gadkari must become the next CM of Maharashtra and Aditya Thackeray should be inducted in the cabinet. He should tour villages and become aware about the ground realities.

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