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Frame laws to check steroids misuse

As per reports often some unani, ayurvedic and homeopathic medical practitioners mix strong doses of steroids in unbranded medicines like powders and syrups in a bid to exhibit their self-acclaimed expertise in curing diseases. If people consume such medicines beyond permissible limit it could lead to nervousness, indigestion, chest pain, seizures and even coma. The Central government should formulate some effective remedy to overcome the problem. Even though remedy lies in banning unbranded medicines, but the step is liable to open a pathway for minting money for drug manufacturers.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, RTI activist said, “The Ayurvedic and Unani medical practitioners mix steroids with ayurvedic medicines which is harmful for the body. The medicines should be prescribed in a regulated manner but these medical practitioners prescribe high dose for patients which will prove to be counterproductive. My mother, an asthmatic patient, was prescribed medicine by mixing steroid in churan which resulted into her death. The Central government should establish its own production units for all types of medicines including allopathic, unani, homeopathic and ayurvedic like once it had Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL) to provide cheaper branded medicines in all fields of medicines so that it may be feasible to impose a total ban on unbranded medicines.”

Krishna Kamble, president of Samaj Ratna Vikas Samajik Sanshta said, “Steroid is a harmful substance and youth are using them which will have adverse effect on them. If steroids are consumed in large proportion then it will result in heart failure. When a person has steroid then it puts additional burden on heart and kidney as they have to work extra hard. Today’s youth can’t exercise properly if they don’t take steroid.”

Sunil Shegde, General Secretary, Mumbai Suburban Body Building and Fitness Association said, “If a person uses steroid then his future is in dark. Steroids affect heart, kidney and eyes. 99.99 per cent body builders consume steroids. The National Anti Doping institute screens athletes to ascertain if they have consumed steroids and those who are found guilty are banned for three years. Even though a warning has been issued to players to refrain them from using steroids, they continue to consume them.”

Dr. Shilpa Ambekar, M.D. (Obst and Gynaecologist) said, “Some medical practitioners simply mix steroids with ayurvedic and unani medicines which will be harmful. If women consume steroids then they will have lesser chances of getting pregnant. If men have steroids then it will affect their liver, kidney and hormones. If a doctor officially prescribes steroids then it is not unlawful as there no side-effects. If a person consumes steroid for short term then it is not harmful.”

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