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Freedom of Speech denied?

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The Constitution of India have guaranteed right to speech and expression to every citizen under article 19 (1)(a) but a question arises whether citizens really enjoy this right? I believe no and frankly speaking according to law there is nothing happening in our India. If any one person tries to exercise this right then he there is a possibility that he might face a backlash.

I recollect a popular incident where two teenage girls were arrested for using their rights of Freedom of Speech and expression. Girls from Palghar posted their views during the funeral of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackery on social networking site facebook. In the post, Shaheen Dhada questioned why the city was shut on the occasion of the Sena leader’s demise. Initially, Shiv Sainiks vandalized the clinic of her uncle who is a doctor by profession and later filed a police complaint against Shaheen and her friend Renu Srinivasan who liked her status. Police registered case of Sedation against both of them. The two girls were sent to 14-day judicial custody by a court before which they were produced but were granted bail within hours after they furnished personal bonds. The state government suspended two police officials involved in ordering arrests. It’s not merely a case of mistaken and negligence arrest but a question which arises here is are we really living in a democratic country?

Freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under the Indian constitution but certain restriction is also imposed on it under article 19(2). Article 19(2) runs along with the article 19(1)(a), it says that nothing in the sub clause(a) of Clause (1) violate the law such as Contempt of court, Defamation, and other thing which goes against the law. I believe article 19(2) is very helpful because it restricts the citizen to misuse the freedom of speech and expression, such as by using this law they can abuse someone.

No special laws are framed for media and it too adheres too the same law which is applicable to the common man. Journalists can exercise their freedom of expression through writing but the common man lacks a platform to exercise their right. Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression and if anyone prohibits them then strict action must be taken against them.

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