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Friendship adds colour to our lives

Friendship day is a day of celebration with your friends. It is a day to cherish your friendship, a day for recollecting memories of quality time with your friends who have moved on and relocated in different cities and countries. Thanks to social networking sites, we are still ‘connected’ to people with whom we feel a connection. It is time to remember how your friendship with your real friends have blossomed, how it stood the test of time and became a bond which was deep and meaningful. It is time to recall friends whom you have fallen out with, send them a message or a surprise phone call and see if you can pick up the pieces of the relationship which had once turned sour and move on. It is a time of celebrating the imprints your friends have left in your life, the little things you have learnt from them and the little joys they have brought to your life.
There are several films which celebrate friendship starting from Dil Chahta Hai to Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara and the list is endless. So friends, on this special occasion, make your friends feel special. Invite them for a steaming coffee and some tit bits to munch while watching a movie on friendship. Video chat with your long distant friends and make them feel special. Electronic gadgets have helped humans to bridge the gap of distance between people. So use them to your convenience. At the same time, you might have had friends who have left some emotional scars in your psyche or have contributed to your misfortune. This is not the way to settle scores with them. It is a day of forgetting the past and start a relationship afresh. You never know rekindling the relationship might do a hell of good.

There are many friendships which have set an example of how friends should be. For example, take the example of Keenan and Reuben. They have proved themselves to be true friends. Who says that there no longer exists a bond like Krishna and Sudama? There are still friends who are willing to die for each other. Let me narrate a very sweet tale of friendship to you. My father had a friend while he was studying in St. Xaviers Calcutta. After passing out, they both went their own ways. One fine day, after twenty years, my father received a letter from him. He realized that his friend had settled in Malaysia. He told me that the incident reminded him of O Henry’s after twenty years. Since then, they have kept in touch.

It does not require time and effort to make friends. Keeping in touch and sustaining a friendship requires time. Hoping on this friendship we will pledge to retain our friendship and make many more friends in days to come. Friendship adds colour to our lives. Wishing all the readers a Happy Friendship Day.

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