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Friendship is the gift from God

Since people are social being they cannot live all alone. They therefore, need to share their joys and sorrows with someone, which leads someone to extend hand of friendship towards someone whose character, attitude and so on he or she likes.

Friendship is the gift of God. It binds people in a bond of love, natural trust, understanding and loyalty. It should be cherished by every individual by being kind, generous, honest and possessing elements of friendship. It’s very careful point to detect if whom you going to pick up as a friend, will be on your side when times are bad or fly away like summer birds when his interest is met.

Always keep long distance from false and flatter friends as they will bring nothing apart from sorrows, grieves and difficulties. Remember, a person’s character is not judged by the company he or she keeps but also by the company he or she avoids.

Mohd.Aabid Qasmi 

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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